Thursday, July 2, 2009

PSIKOLOGI SOSIAL JL.1 ED.10 (13-00-024-6)

Year : 2005

Price : Rp. 145,000 (including 0 % tax)


This book Social Psychology, has survived for more than thirty years and also has a wide acceptance in many universities in the world.

This book, a thorough and businesslike in the field of social psychology, among which is how people think, interact and understand each other, how people behave with each other and behave, how the dynamics and forms of relationship antarmanusia; and various other issues relating to the people with social environment.

This book reflects the fact and content of modern social psychology is accurate but also very easy to read and understand. Inside, there is also the development of research in social psychology that have occurred over thirty years and a variety of significant events discussed from the perspective of social psychology, which can help readers to better understand the issues being discussed.


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