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Year: 2008
ISBN: 9789790332683

Price: Rp. 165,000 (including 0% tax)


Speech is great not only to reveal the truth at the time, but can also spread the lie big. Collection of speeches this extraordinary load himne-himne enthusiastically about the freedom of the democratic principles of freedom and decency that we agungkan, beautiful words that mencerahkan world. However, some of the speeches that try to obscure the even horizon of the world free. That is the speech of the history of monster, who is also a lesson that we can quotation.

Speech-books Change the World speech that includes more than 50 speeches that arouse and very important from various historical eras and nations. Akan Conference this book the readers and giving them a broader understanding of the events at that time.

Every speech comes with a comprehensive introduction that explains the background history, why speech-speech is important, and what the results ditimbulkannya. Biography of penyampai brief speech explaining how they stand at the crossing history.

Many of the speeches that express this eternal truth such as the Gettysburg speech, or speech that are less known figures from the rebels as well as the future president of Czechoslovakia, Václav Havel, or the President of Israel, Chaim Herzog. Simplicity of language mark making great speeches, such as the preaching of Jesus or Martin Luther King speech, more and more powerful when words are written by the orator own. While the speech-speech with the sentence and all-round beautiful swing can also be by the most evil leaders. Mencerahkan addition, a good speech and can be a philanthropic mask and obscure the understanding.

Speech by Adolf Hitler, for example, shows the expertise as a political agitator, actors, script writers and speech, but digayuti by meanness, deception, and guile. Conversely, although the view cruel Stalin, son of a simple shoemaker who was not in doubt disclose with clarity that surprising.

Many of the speech discussed in this book is to reveal the weaknesses as well as the strength of those who submitted them. Each speech can also be a window to see a period in history. (DP)


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