Thursday, July 2, 2009

AL-ASY'ARI (65-16-002-0)

Tahun: 2006

Price: Rp. 62,500 (including 0 % tax)


Problem of the material to be polemic teologis among people throughout the period is the human act. Are people transformed by the act itself or the people by God? Who has the will and power to establish a human act? Are people free to choose and act in accordance with the will and the power it has, or he is tied with the power and the will of God?
Abu Al-Hasan Al-Asy'ari (874-935 M) mentions the act with the human kasb. This term later became the core of teologis thought that he gagas. Classical scholars leading this base thoughts on some verses, such as Al-Qur'an: "wa ma khalaqakum Wallahu ta'malûn (God who created you and what you do, QS. Ash-Shaffat: 96)" and "wa ma Tasya Una-illâ an Allahu yasyâ (you will not want any thing except what the will of God, QS. Al-Insan: 30). " In thinking this theology is the human act of God's creation, including power to do. A person will not be able to do something that was created before the act of God. So also the will to do the act, in essence is the will of God. So the will and the act is in itself a human, the fact is the will and act of God. Then how about the reward of sin and the responsibility of human beings? Do men ago can not be questioned on what he do?


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