Thursday, July 2, 2009

ALI SYARI'ATI (65-01-069-8)

Pengarang: ALI RAHNEMA
Tahun: 2006
ISBN: 979781193X

Price: Rp. 171,600 (including 0 % tax)

Mr. Ali is Syari'ati Ideology revolution Iran. This book discusses the life and thought Ali Syari'ati in the context of complex cultural background and shove, social and political conditions of Iranian society that has been membesarkannya. This book Syari'ati start taking life from the child in a small town called Masyhad, his life as a student in Paris in the early 60's, its development as a religious thinker and revolutionary, perseteruannya with the Pahlavi regime and the ulama Syi'ah status-quo , until his death in exile at the age of forty-four years.
Ali Syari'ati: Political Biography Intellectual Revolutionary offer a new understanding about the figures that play a significant role in the revolution in Iran, and analysis on political Islam that has influenced movements in the Middle East.
Practitioners and observers of the political, socio-political intellectual, students, and those who are interested to know more about the leaders in this highly recommended to read this book.


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