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Year: 2009
ISBN: 9789790335219

Price: Rp. 165,000 (including 0% tax)


Title: Women Changing the World
Author: Rosalind Horton & Sally Simmons
Translator: Haris Munandar, MA
Size: 19 x 27 cm
Number of Pages: 232 pages
Color: dichromatic
Paper: Paper 100 Matt
Cover: Hard Cover with jacket
Year published: 2009
ISBN: 978-979-033-521-9
Code: 61-12-057-0

As the top achievements of women, this book is to give homage to the more than 50 extraordinary women who have given the influence of eternal life for us. From the authorities and combatants and inventors to athletes, from writers and artists to the heroes and the revolution, this book is a touching record of struggle, tragedy, dedication, and triumph.

Following the flow history, from Cleopatra to the Madonna and Diana, daughter of Wales, each story told with the background when they live and work. Of each figure, we learn about the achievement, background, characters, and other details that make them extraordinary.

This book is a story of life Cleopatra, Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Mary Wollstonecraft, Jane Austen, Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Virginia Woolf, Simone De Beauvoir, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks , Eva PerĂ³n, Margaret Thatcher, Anne Frank, Mary Quant, Germaine Greer, Madonna, and Diana, daughter of Wales.

From Indonesia, we will see the story Tjut Nja 'Dien women as combatants without purpose, as your spark emancipation of women, Megawati as the first woman president in Indonesia, to Titiek Puspa the artist throughout the period.


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