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Author: MICHAEL J. Neal
Year: 2006
ISBN: 979781436X

Price: Rp. 57.500 (including 0% tax)


At a Glance FARMAKOLOGI MEDICAL intended primarily for medical students, but also can be used by students and saintis in other disciplines who want a basic introduction and summary about farmakologi.

At a Glance Farmakologi Medical has become a best-seller book provides an introduction to and a re peninjuan solid and easy to understand about the principles farmakologi. Following the series format a Glance At a very easy to understand, each topic is presented in a two-page description with key facts accompanied by diagrams and illustrations are clear, informative. In the text of this book have been minimized, and the reader understand the material based on the image diagramatik. This image should be carefully together with the description / image descriptions.
In this edition:

  • the entire book is designed in two colors, so the more interesting and the more clarity that the subject discussed.
  • presents the diagram skematik in the left page and a brief explanation on the right page, such as about how to provide drug effects, and a general about the use of these drugs.
  • entire books have been revised and updated.

At a Glance Farmakologi Medical akan very useful for all medical students, who need a review on farmakologi back, and also useful in clinical tugas-tugas/penempatan. This book is worthy dibelioleh student, young doctor, and saintis that require a brief explanation, but clearly on farmakologi medical.


Introduction: principles of medicinal drugs reseptor Interaction ● ● Absorpsi, distribution, and ekskresi drug metabolism drugs ● ● ● Anestetik local medicine that works on the nerve-muscle connection ● ● autonomous nervous system medicine who worked on autonomous sinaps kolinergik ● Drugs that work on the nerve simpatis ● ● Farmakologi okular Asthma, hay fever, anafilaksis ● Drugs that work in the gastrointestinal channel I: ulkus peptikum ● Drugs that work on the channel gastrointestinal II: motilitas and sekresi ● Drugs that work on the kidney-diuretik ● Drugs used in medicine hypertension ● used in angina medicine antiaritimia ● ● Drugs used in heart failure ● Drugs used to affect blood koagulasi medicine penurun lipid ● ● Drugs used for anemia transmitor central substance ● ● ● Anestetik general Ansiolitik and hypnotic ● ● antiepilepsi Drugs Drugs used in Parkinson disease ● medicine antipsikosis (neuroleptik) ● Drugs used in the interference afektif-opioid analgesic antidepresan ● ● Drugs used in nausea and vertigo (antiemetik) ● Penggunasalahan and drug dependence ● medicine nonsteroid anti-inflamasi (OAINS) ● ● Kortikosteroid hormone sex and drugs and drug Tiroid ● ● antitiroid Drugs antidiabetes ● Drugs that prevent antibakteri acid synthesis nukleat: sulfonamida, trimetoprim, kuinolon, and nitroimidazol ● Drugs antibakteri that prevent cell wall synthesis: penicillin, sefalosporin, and vankomisin ● Drugs that prevent antibakteri protein synthesis: aminoglikosida, tetrasiklin, makrolida, and medicine kloramfenikol ● ● antijamur and antiviral medicine that works on the parasites I: helmintes (worms) ● Drugs that work on the parasites II: protozoa ● Drugs used in cancer ● ● Reaction simpang poisoned medicine


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