Sunday, July 5, 2009

JUST WHO WILL YOU BE (61-12-134-0)

Year: APRIL_2009

Price: Rp. 51.000 (including 0% tax)


Title: Just Who Will You Be, a small book to answer questions of
Author: Maria Shriver
Size: 12.5 x 17.5
Paper: Nova
Cover: Hardcover with jacket
Code: 61-12-134-0
ISBN: 978-979-033-523-3

Just Who Will You Be? the book is honest, touching, and inspiring the search for answers of all ages. Terinsipirasi from a speech he gave, Maria Shriver message is not what you do in your life that are important, but who you are. This is an important lesson that can attract anyone from a variety of age looking for a life full of meaning.

In your own life, Shriver always definitive step in its own way, reach the child's dream to become a "Maria Shriver, the top award news readers." But when her husband was chosen as Governor of California, he had to leave work at NBC News, and Maria terlempar into confusion circle . Right after that, keponakannya ask Maria to speak on graduation day in high school is. He opposed, and ask how he can give advice to children, if he felt confused themselves against themselves. But in the end, compassion, and he decided to dig deeper into himself, and the result is this little jewel.

Just Who Will You Be? reminds us that the answers to many questions in life are within us-and we are all the papers that formed. This means that never too late to become someone who we want.


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